Installation with Google Tag Manager

You should have received three key pieces of information in your welcome email to the Naiz Fit Family:

  • The Partner Hash for your online shop. This hash authenticates your online shop with the Naiz Fit SizeForm platform. You’ll need it when installing the various plugins.
  • The Javascript snippet for sideloading the Naiz Fit SizeForm widget from the browser dashboard.
  • The HTML snippet for inserting the widget into your HTML template or as a tag in Google Tag Manager if your system does not have a plugin provided by Naiz Fit.


If you don't have any of the systems supported by Naiz Fit SizeForm, we recommend that you inject the HTML snippet that you need to run Naiz Fit SizeForm using Google Tag Manager.

  • Sign in to Google Tag Manager and access the account and website corresponding to the online shop where you want to instal Naiz Fit SizeForm.
  • Click 'Add a new tag’.
  • Click on the upper of the two buttons displayed.
  • Select Custom HTML Tag.
  • Paste the content of the HTML snippet into the text box called ‘HTML’. Click Create Tag.
  • For the trigger, select All Pages. Ignore any other triggers available. You must choose this one.
  • Remember to publish the changes in Google Tag Manager before going any further.


If you want to run the installation using Google Tag Manager or by inserting JavaScript in the template for your website, to ensure complete installation of the solution you must provide access to a product feed and manually configure the order capture webhook.