The Naiz Fit SizeForm widget configuration can be done through a JSON file stored in the root of your domain. The file must be named "naizfit.json"

Configuration install and update

Once you have allocated the naizfit.json file in the root of your domain, you can use the following URL to determine the install or update of your configuration:


You eill have to substitute the "domain" element from the URL for your complete domain (ex: and the "partnerKey" element for the key por la clave provided by Niaz Fit.

The system will check the existance of the naizfit.json file in the root of your domain, will analyze the structure and will update its configuration.

Structure of naizfit.json file

In the following chart you will find the details of every field that define the configuration of the Naiz Fit SizeForm widget for your domain.

Field Default value Description
version 2.0.0 Version of the NaizJS JavaScript library included in the personalized package for the domain that is loaded in.
enabled true Allows to enable (true) or desable (false) the form render and the widget opener button render.
openerSelector [data-naiz-opener] Selector CSS to find the DOM element where the widget opener button must be inserted.
formContainerSelector  body Selector CSS to find the DOM element where the widget form container must be inserted.
custom/script File URL with the JavaScript code that will be packaged with the NaizJS library and that enables the customization of the behaviour of the Naiz Fit SizeForm widget.
custom/html File URL with the HTML code for the user interface customization.
order_regex Regular expression that allows to identify the purchase confirmation page through its URL. This functionality can also be defined overriding the method "checkOrderPage", as it is described throughout the personalización del comportamiento section.
mode SELECTOR Defines the way in which the widget will be rendered.
  • "SELECTOR" is the default mode and will render the widget in the element indicated by the value "openerSelector".
  • "DEMO" allows you to launch the widget in demonstration mode, in which there is no need to have the product registered into the system and adds the widget button in the right hand side corner of the site as an "overlay"

naizfit.json example

  'version': '2.0.0',
  'custom': {
    'script': '',
    'html': 'https:/'
  'order_regex': '*_order.*'