Installation with Google Tag Manager

You should have received two key pieces of information in your welcome email to the Naiz Fit Family::

  • The Partner Hash for your online shop. This hash authenticates your online shop with the Naiz Fit SizeForm platform.
  • The HTML snippet for inserting the widget as a tag in Google Tag Manager.

Inserting the HTML snippet

  • Sign in to Google Tag Manager and access the account and website corresponding to the online shop where you want to instal Naiz Fit SizeForm.
  • Click 'Add a new tag’.
  • Click on the upper of the two buttons displayed.
  • Select Custom HTML Tag.
  • Paste the content of the HTML snippet into the text box called ‘HTML’. Click Create Tag.
  • For the trigger, select All Pages. Ignore any other triggers available. You must choose this one.
  • Remember to publish the changes in Google Tag Manager before going any further.

Generate API Key VTEX

For access to a product feed, order and returns capture it is necessary to generate and provide an API Key in your Vtex channel:

  • Log in to your Vtex administrator panel in the corresponding channel with your account.
  • Access to Account settings > Application Keys and click on Manage my Keys button.
  • Click on Generate New button
  • Click on Add Roles button
  • Select Owner (Admin Super) option and click on Add Roles button.
  • Click on Generate button.
  • It will show you both the Application Key and the Application Token which you will need to save and share with Naizfit.