On this page you’ll find definitions of the technical terms and acronyms that we use throughout the documentation.

Consumer Hash

The Consumer Hash is a unique identifier for each Naiz Fit SizeForm user. It stores user data between sessions, meaning they don’t need to enter their data again.

The Consumer Hash also tells us whether a user has placed an order after having received a size recommendation using Naiz Fit SizeForm.


Product Page. Refers to the page providing detailed product information within an online shop. There is a page for each product and each page focusses on one product only. It gives the product description, variants of the product and its price, and has the button to add the product to the basket. The Naiz Fit SizeForm What's my size? button is inserted in this page.

Common format of a PP PP format


The product variants are the product options that a customer has on a PP. The most common variants in an online fashion shop are as follows:

  • The product size options.
  • The product colour options.


The Form is the interface between Naiz Fit SizeForm and the user. It is essentially an HTML file in which different sections are activated based on what stage of the recommendation has been reached.

The form has two main views:

  • The Question View, where we ask the user about their age, gender, height and weight.
  • The Recommendation View, where the user receives the system's recommendation.



An N/A recommendation is a negative recommendation. This means there is no valid size variant and the system cannot give the user a size recommendation because their body is either too small or too large. Naiz Fit SizeForm does not indicate the reason for a negative recommendation.


A C/G recommendation is a cross-gender recommendation. This tells the user that they cannot receive a size recommendation because the product is not designed with bodies of their gender in mind.

Positive recommendation

A positive recommendation indicates that there are one or several variants which are suited to the user's body based on the data they have provided. Where a 100% recommendation cannot be provided, the system provides a second recommendation indicating the degree of certainty.


In the event of a positive recommendation without 100% certainty, the user will receive a dual recommendation with the level of certainty that the system has provided for each one. In the positive recommendation given as an example in the image, there is a 75% certainty level for the main recommendation of size 54 and a 25% certainty level for the secondary recommendation of size 52.

Recomendacion Positiva

Local Storage

Web browsers have a Local Storage functionality that enables web applications to permanently store data sets between sessions discretionally. Naiz Fit SizeForm uses Local Storage to store unique visitor identifiers and the [Naiz Consumer Hash](#Consumer Hash)


A Widget is a visual component of an application. In general terms, it refers to items such as buttons, toolbars, tables and bodies of text. In the Naiz Fit context, the Widget is the component that activates Naiz Fit SizeForm on the PP of an online business.