Product feed specification

In order to allow Naiz Fit to be able to import your product catalog, we need to have a public URL where we can find your full catalog data in a structure defined by Naiz Fit, as we will explain in the following lines.


The feed must be structured in one of these formats:

  • XML
  • JSON
  • CSV (separator ",")

Required Fields

The feed must include at least the next information for each product:

  1. Title
  2. Type or Category (Shirt, Jeans ...)
  3. Gender (Male, Female, Unisex)
  4. Sizes (ALL the exisiting sizes for the product, non available in stock sizes too)
  5. Product's page URL (canonical URL if possible)
  6. Products main image's URL
  7. Brand (only required if products are not from own brand)
  8. Reference (internal SKU or reference used by the company)

Products may be defined in two ways:

  1. Grouped: One element with all the data, one field of the element contains a list of sizes and another field contains a list of URLs (if there is more than one canonical URL, for example, one URL for each language)
  2. Ungrouped: One element for each size of the product or one element for each language. The elements that belong to the same product must have a common unique identifier (an ID, reference, SKU or canonical URL).


The URL field can ba a list with more than one URL, but it is strongly recommended that each product has a unique canonical URL.


More than one feed can be used if needed, for example if each language has its own marketplace, but only if the same product in different feeds share a common identifier (an ID, reference or SKU).

JSON format example:

  "products": [
      "TITLE": "Example product 1",
      "TYPE": "Shirt",
      "GENDER": "MALE",
      "SIZE": "XS, S, M, L",
      "URL": "",
      "IMAGE": "",
      "BRAND" : "NAIZFIT",
      "SKU" : "NF000001"
      "TITLE": "Example product 2",
      "TYPE": "Jean",
      "GENDER": "FEMALE",
      "SIZE": "S, M, L, XL",
      "URL": "",
      "IMAGE": "",
      "BRAND" : "NAIZFIT",
      "SKU" : "NF000001"