Installation in Prestashop

NaizFit SizeForm has developed a plugin for Prestashop.

You should have received two key pieces of information in your welcome email to the Naiz Fit Family:

  • The Partner Hash for your online shop. This hash authenticates your online shop with the Naiz Fit SizeForm platform. You’ll need it when installing the various plugins.
  • The HTML snippet for inserting the widget into your HTML template or as a tag in Google Tag Manager if your system does not have a plugin provided by Naiz Fit.


You can find the latest version of the plugin on the downloads page of this documentation. In addition, in your welcome email to the Naiz Fit family you should have received the files you need for the installation, including the latest version of the plugin.

Follow these steps to instal the plugin:

  1. Sign in to the Prestashop admin panel. In the IMPROVE menu, go to Modules > Module Manager.
  2. Select Upload a module.

  • This will open the ‘upload a file’ dialog box. Drag the .zip file containing the Prestashop module (you will have received this by email or downloaded it from the downloads page provided in this documentation) from your file manager into this dialog box.

  • The installation will then begin. If successful, you will see the Module installed message. Click on the Configure button in the dialog box.

  1. To activate the plugin, select YES for the Live Mode option.
  2. In the ‘Key’ field, enter the member password provided by Naiz Fit. This identifies your online shop in SizeForm.
  3. Determine the script loading location. The default configuration is footer, as recommended by Naiz Fit.